Online Reversi Game by Frank LaRosa

Can't get enough Reversi?

Never fear. Now you can install a Frank LaRosa Reversi game on your PC or PDA and play whenever you like, using one of these downloadable versions:

Platform Download Description
Windows Winversi, a native Reversi application for Windows PCs. Small and very fast.
Java Reversi.jar Stand-alone Java Reversi with Swing user interface. Runs anywhere Java 1.3 or better is available.
Palm OS Inverti, a native Palm OS Reversi (prc file). Works on most PDAs running Palm 2.0 or later.
iPhone Inverti Inverti for iPhone now available from the iTunes store. Works on any iPhone or iPod touch.

Each version features the same game play as Webversi. Most can be set to higher skill levels than are available on the web site, just in case you need that extra challenge!

Windows Palm Java iPhone

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