Online Reversi Game
by Frank LaRosa
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Webversi is an online version of the game Reversi (sometimes called Othello). To start a game, follow steps (1) through (4) below.

See the rules page for more information about the rules of Reversi and a little bit of the history of this implementation, which dates back to 1980.

1. Choose a skill level:

1. Beginner (should be easy enough)
2. Intermediate (actually, pretty difficult)
3. Expert (mostly for masochists)
4. Hurt Me Plenty (can take some time!)

2. Pick your color:


3. Pick computer's color:

Classic white piece
Classic black piece
Frank LaRosa
The Big Duck
My Cat Simon
Fred Chat Central
Moog Flower
Searchlight Software
Jim Barry
The Bard

Reverse Initial Position


Play offline with one of these downloadable Frank LaRosa Reversi games!

Platform Download Description
Windows Winversi, a native Reversi application for Windows PCs. Small and very fast.
Java Reversi.jar Stand-alone Java Reversi with Swing user interface. Runs anywhere Java 1.3 or better is available.
Palm OS Inverti, a native Palm OS Reversi (prc file). Works on most PDAs running Palm 2.0 or later.
iPhone Inverti Inverti for iPhone now available from the iTunes store. Works on any iPhone or iPod touch.

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